Community Legal Services

Disputes or problems that make their way into the legal system can be costly and have a big impact on your life. We provide free legal services to those who are eligible on a wide range of legal issues.

Residential Tenancy Agreement

Family Law Advocate Program

Our Family Law Advocate Program provides assistance to low-income clients on issues such as parenting time, child and spousal support, simple divorces and child protection matters

Tense Couple with Legal Advocate

Legal Advocacy Program

The North Shore Legal Advocacy Program offers low-income community members free and confidential service related to basic living needs.

Residential Tenancy Agreement

Legal Information and Assistance Program

We can provide you with free services for people on the North Shore to get legal aid and other law-related information.

Residential Tenancy Agreement

The goal of the Community Legal Services program is to increase people’s access to justice by providing free legal information, advice, and advocacy services to those facing disputes or legal issues.

The Family Law Advocate can provide assistance to you on a wide range of family law issues such as divorce, parenting time, child/spousal support and more.

Our Legal Advocate can assist you with problems involving your landlord, employment, income assistance, debt and other basic living legal issues.

Our Legal Information and Assistance Coordinator is available to assist with legal aid referrals, wills and estates, debt and other issues.

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The patience, attention to details, and the detailed letter I received back was more than I asked for. 

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