NSCR Legal Advocacy Program

Residential Tenancy Agreement

Are you in need of legal information, referrals, legal advice, or representation for problems related to your basic living needs?

The North Shore Legal Advocacy Program offers low-income community members free and confidential service related to basic living needs. Our team can assist you with legal problems related to:

  • Income assistance and security
  • Tenancy (rental accommodation)
  • Employment
  • Debt
  • Employment Insurance
  • Referrals for legal issues we do not provide assistance for

If you are experiencing issues with any of the above or other related issues, please contact us to book an appointment with our Legal Advocate. Drop-in appointments (suspended during COVID) are welcome but availability is not guaranteed. Contact us today to speak to a Legal Advocate or to book an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for your legal services?

No, we provide our legal services for free. There may be some costs related to photocopying or other court fees.

Is there an income limit to using our program?

Yes, generally we serve people who have an income of $50,000 or less and $20,000 or less in assets but there is discretion to be flexible. Contact us for more information.

What if English is not my first language?

You are invited to provide a support person to provide translation assistance.

Can the Legal Advocate help me apply for an emergency grant to the BC Hydro Crisis Fund?

Yes, we are trained to assist in applying for these grants.


Nicholas Smith, NSCR Legal Advocate
Direct Line: 604-982-3310
Email: nicholas.smith@nscr.ca

Tannis Boxer, NSCR Legal Advocate
Direct Line: 604-982-3310
Email: tannis.boxer@nscr.ca


For more legal information and assistance, please see the following links.

Clicklaw provides legal information on a wide variety of topics.

Legal Aid BC provides information about how to apply for a legal aid lawyer in BC and much more legal information.

Tenants Resource and Advisory Centre provides legal information related to rights and responsibilities for renters as well as legal services to renters.

The People’s Law School website provides legal information on a wide variety of topics.

Thank You.

The Legal Advocate Program is made possible by a grant from the Law Foundation of British Columbia and donors like you.